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Ikuhara's Episode Commentary:
All Episode Posts
1: “The Rose Bride”
2: “For Whom the Rose Smiles”
3: “On the Night of the Ball”
4: “The Sunlit Garden - Prelude”
5: “The Sunlit Garden - Finale”
6: “Take Care, Miss Nanami”
7: “Unfulfilled Jury”
8: “Curried High Trip”
9: “The Castle Said to Hold Eternity”
10: “Nanami’s Precious Thing”
11: “Gracefully Cruel - The One Who Picks That Flower”
12: “For Friendship, Perhaps”
13: “Tracing a Path”
14: “The Boys of the Black Rose”
15: “The Landscape Framed by Kozue”
16: “The Cowbell of Happiness”
17: “The Thorns of Death”
18: “Mitsuru’s Impatience”
19: “A Song for the Kingdom Now Lost”
20: “Wakaba Flourishing”
21: “Vermin”
22: “Nemuro Memorial Hall”
23: “The Terms of a Duelist”
24: “The Secret Nanami Diary”
25: “Their Eternal Apocalypse”
26: “Miki’s Nest Box (The Sunlit Garden - Arranged)”
27: “Nanami’s Egg”
28: “Whispers in the Dark”
29: “Azure Paler Than the Sky”
30: “The Barefoot Girl”
31: “Her Tragedy”
32: “The Romance of the Dancing Girls”
33: “The Prince Who Runs Through the Night”
34: “The Rose Crest”
35: “The Love That Blossomed in Wintertime”
36: “And Thus Opens the Doorway of Night”
37: “The One Who Brings the World Revolution”
38: “End of the World”
39: “Someday, Together, We’ll Shine”
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