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I feel like ranting so let’s talk about this scene and why it’s the most terrible thing ever.

And no, I don’t mean terrible as in sad or tragic, I mean terrible as in being the worst thing Usagi does in the entire manga.

Okay, let’s just sum up what’s going on here. Sailor Moon and all the inners are fighting Queen Metalia and Endymion. They’ve figured out that the Silver Crystal is controlled by Usagi’s heart, and that they need to find a way for her to be able to draw out the missing part of it that was absorbed by Mamoru, and then use the complete Silver Crystal with the Holy Sword to defeat Metalia. Luna makes it very clear that all this can only be done by Usagi. Not only that, but Usagi’s crying also shows to have some effect on Mamoru, throwing him into momentarily confusion, hinting that he might not beyond help after all. So what does the girl do? She stabs Mamoru and then herself. Boom, the Silver Crystal goes out of control and starts growing around her and Mamoru’s fallen bodies, only to be absorbed by Metalia. Luna, FREAKING LUNA, has to protect the inners, something that almost drains all her strenght. And later the inners have no choice but to sacrifice their lives in order to send their power to Sailor Moon so that she’ll reawaken again and can use the Silver Crystal.

I mean… wow, this is… scratch the part about this being the worst thing Usagi does in the manga, it’s probably the worst thing she does in any version of the series. She acted completely selfishly, hoping that by killing Mamoru and herself they could both be reborn again and live happily together.

I never thought I’d ever get a scene in Sailor Moon that can be described like this, but… what we see here is Sailor Moon selfishly abandoning her friends in the middle of their biggest battle yet, even while knowing that they need her in order to save the world.

I see a lot of people praising Usagi in the manga for being much stronger and more mature than Usagi in the anime, but you know what? That crybaby Usagi in the anime witnessed Mamoru AND the inners die in front of her very eyes, and she still didn’t give up and abandon them, but rather pushed through and held out until the very end. Don’t give me that “she was so lost in despair!” crap, that is one horrible, horrible thing to do, and for someone like me who is much more used to the anime and the kind of person Usagi is there, this choice of hers feels as out of character as she could possibly get.

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    Haha okay, well I can yield to that opinion, too. Naoko certainly has areas in which her story telling (and foot anatomy...
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    I could buy that if Usagi was portrayed in any way as guilty for her terrible choice of action, but this is not the...
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    I think Sailor Cosmos is a good reflection of this, as well. Because she basically did the same thing, except a million...
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