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"Oh, yes, baby. You’ve lit the fire in my heart."






Jenny Yang in “If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say”

"I just LOVE dating white guys because they’re so large and overbearing" 

"Omg 2 forks?! That would look totally cute in my hair!"

"I have like kinda round eyes, so I’m practically white."

"I decorated my whole house in crosses!"


PMS is a bitch.


"sailor jupiter in 1!!"

Done and done! Im super happy you happened to pick my favorite Sailor Scout!


my pointers came today!!!!!!!! O_____O so pretty <333 video review coming later tonight!


Grunt is such a wonderful boy. :’) higher res here~


drew this a few weeks ago i think but never got around to scanning it haha 


New designs released: Sailor Moon and Mass Effect half yard skirts fabrics.

As followers know, I design geek fabrics for all sorts of craft, DIY and such (all those pictures for example).  I also do requests for exclusives, such as the skirts/cushions shown above for Go Follow Rabbits (NES exclusive) and Rooby’s (Banana Splits and Winnie the Pooh amongst other exclusives).  Occasionally a design I pitch doesn’t get taken up, so feel free to do your own DIY with these Sailor Moon and Mass Effect skirt designs.  They’re open for public sale!

  • Mass Effect Alliance half yard skirt fabric
  • Mass Effect N7 half yard skirt fabric
  • Sailor Moon (white and black) half yard skirt fabric

MLP FiM half yard skirt fabrics:

How do you make them?  Easy!  Just cut them out, sew into a ‘tube’, hem the top and bottom, and attach the top to an elastic waistband/ribbon.  Each yard comes with two skirts (one for you, one for a friend!).