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and then they didnt put her on the final list


Burn down everything

Fuck. That. Shit.

Ikuhara's Episode Commentary:
3: "On the Night of the Ball"

The basic plot of this episode was ready quite soon after planning started. I believe the thinking was, “We need to bring the mood of Ms. Saito’s manga into this.” But the truth is, you don’t see clichéd plotlines like this in Ms. Saito’s manga. The way Touga approaches Utena is almost uncomfortably stereotypical shoujo, but thanks to that, we were able to strongly impress upon the audience that this was a “shoujo manga anime.” Given the story’s later development, episodes like this were absolutely necessary.

Production-wise, we were in disorder. In the background art meeting, we discovered that the master layout drawings (the base sketches for the backgrounds) that were supposed to have been ready were more or less nonexistent. As the ashen-faced staff looked on, Mr. Kobayashi and I sketched like mad. It was an ordeal, but I think that, over the course of dealing with it, the two of us were able to achieve a consensus about the direction the art should take for the rest of the series.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action (2004)



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this is literally the whole game

Anonymous: Explain your roller coaster feelings for Madoka Magica?

Oh boy, I’d call it a love-hate relationship, but… my feelings for the show aren’t all that intense anymore, so perhaps it’s more like-dislike? And it keeps tipping back and forth between liking it more or disliking it more.

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being neutral isn’t being neutral

if you have the privilege of being neutral and you do it and stay silent, it only benefits the oppressors

your neutrality is literally never going to help those who are being crushed by an oppressive system

so don’t feel like you’re a good person for “not picking a side” because that oppressive system loves your passivity